You may have seen the Secrets of the Heart cake shoot I posted last week. The idea was a brainchild of a very talented, uber creative and incredibly charming Susie behind the Knot & Pop Weddings and Events. After the shoot Susie asked me if I would share my favourite photos on her blog and I said yes. I was excited by the opportunity to look through the weddings I captured over the last 3 years. Reliving such happy days in the lives of my couples was incredible and honestly, I had the biggest smile on my face! I could have chosen dozens of images, but decided to select only 10 to showcase what my work is all about. The photographs that I chose either make me feel something, or tell the story or capture that life 'in between' - a split second moment, vanished if not caught on camera. Whilst looking through my work over the last couple of years, I was reminded once again why I love photography so much. Creating long lasting happy memories for my couples, and knowing that the photographs I create are going to be treasured for years to come is the most satisfying feeling!


Your first kiss. The moment you are pronounced Husband and Wife


Bride's sister and a bridesmaid slowly dancing with their Grandmother, who used to be a dancer in her youth and was 92 in the year of the wedding.


Bride is having a dance with her Dad. Special


Dance like no one is watching :)


Caught the bouquet and didn't expect it!


This is one of favourite portraits. The field of dry poppies was right next to the venue. I loved the soft warm light reflecting onto my couple, and also the intimate moment between them


That moment just before the start of the ceremony. All seems calm, but the heart is beating faster than ever


I just love this portrait. The couple happened to be in a perfect location, just behind the flower arch and the sof evening light was beautiful


Bride's Grandmother helping her put on a string of pearls that she wore on her own wedding day. It was bride's 'something old' :)


Bride and groom taking a moment for themselves and enjoying a beautiful sunset.