Last year I had a pleasure of photographing Lianne and Neale's beautiful summer wedding at Chateau Lagorce in France, and working alongside Maya and Lenaic from LMVisual Wedding Studio, who were filming the day. I couldn't wait to see the film, and they recently shared it on Vimeo. I absolutely love the combination of video and still images as a way to tell a complete story. The photographs freeze a moment, a split second that you consciously won't even remember. You can turn photographs into something tangible that will last for years and that's why I love them. Video shows the movement obviously, the fluidity of how things unfold, a combination of those split second moments which are captured and 'frozen' in photographs. I love the storyline of Lianne and Neale's film, their personal notes to each other, the nerves, the excitement, anticipation and the mention of haribo, of course ;-) Brilliant work by LMVisual Studio!