I've been working on this project over the dark and wet winter months. Now that it's finally spring and I can reveal what I've been keeping under the wraps! Starting from this year I am offering mentoring sessions exclusively through The Photography Parlour - a fantastic new resource for keen photographers, photographers thinking about launching their own creative business, or photographers who are just at the beginning of their new and exciting journey.

This year marks 5 years since I started my photography career (although I don't really like the word 'career'). I've built everything I have from scratch after moving to London with my husband, and since then my work has been published all over the world and took me to different countries. I have my amazing couples to thank for it :) This year I feel like I'm ready to pass on my knowledge and what I've learnt along the way. Running a creative business is not easy, especially when you work on your own. There are so many things to think of, so many decisions to make! I'm hoping that my mentoring sessions will give beginner photographers some solid business foundations and will help them find their own path, and define their voice and vision.

The three mentoring sessions I'm offering at the moment can be useful not only to photograhers, but also to any creative business owner. Read all about it on my Photography Parlour mentor profile, and make sure to check out this resource!