I haven't really done any food styling before or taken many images of food, apart from those I take at weddings. Beautifully styled food always looks so delicious in the photos, and many times I cooked a certain recipe just because I fell in love with the picture. My dishes never look as good though afterwards, hehe! My husband's friend and his family started a company called What's for Pudding? in county Meath in Ireland baking the most delicious puddings (trust me, I tried them!). They sent me some samples to take a few promo photos for the social media. The best bit about doing a food photoshoot-  you get to eat the food after! And gosh, these puddings were amazing! There are three gorgeous flavours - rich chocolate, warm and sweet sticky toffee, and zingy lemon and blueberry.  Served with cream or custard (eeemmmm), whatever the family occasion, you will have an amazing scrumptious homemade dessert on the table to suit all tastes. Check out the website - , and if you live in Ireland and can get your hands on them - do it!

what's for pudding country Meath Ireland
what's for pudding country Meath Ireland