This is me in what is probably my favourite place in London - Petersham Nurseries. These photos were taken by a friend of mine almost 2 years ago! It feels like it happened in a different life. We lived in a small flat in the city, worked a lot, went out a lot, and although we enjoyed it, we always knew we wanted to escape to the country. And so we did :)

Image credit - Dominique Bader

This is also me, photographed by my wonderful friend Antonina, who is an amazing family portrait photographer in London. She came to visit me in my new home in Ireland and captured snippets of my mornings. We never managed to do a full "Day in Life" session, as we were too busy driving around the country and exploring, but I love having a record of me pottering around the garden, playing with our cats etc (these photos are even more precious as Nosy the male cat is no longer with us). We have since added two hyper collie puppies named Tac and Poppy to our gang! Life is more simple now and more difficult at the same time. Living in the countryside can be hard. We do miss good London restaurants, foodie markets and our favourite pubs. Over here we can't just nip to the shop - we have to drive everywhere. However, life has also become much more rewarding. On a good day I go out with dogs and enjoy a beautiful sunrise in the huge uninterrupted by urban landscape sky. I can actually hear birdsong in spring. We have space for a garden and it makes us more in sync with nature and seasons.

So, I'm very grateful to my friend Antonina for taking these photographs, which remind me about how lucky we are to call this beautiful place home. The images were taken in July and it's such a joy looking at them on a dreary dark winter day! I can't wait for long summer evenings spent in front of the pit fire, blooming flowers and sound of swallows. I strongly recommend hiring a good photographer to document your daily life. It may seem mundane and unexciting sometimes, but remembering who you are and where you are in a certain stage of your life is important and wonderful. Antonina is brilliant at capturing the 'in between' moments, and all of these photographs are completely unposed. It's just me, doing my thing, feeling relaxed in my home, wearing old converse which I've had for years. She is a documentary family photographer in London with incredible talent. I'm ever so grateful for these images!