If you have been following my blog for some time, you may know that apart from photographing weddings I also love floral design. It has become a real passion of mine and one day I would love to be creating bouquets and arrangements for weddings and events. I have been slowly learning about different techniques and playing around with flowers I could get from our garden. The somewhat established garden of perennials came with the house we live in now, and last year I didn't do much to it, just observing what grows instead. Last year I made (well, my husband did) a few raised beds and cleared some area in the orchard where I will start a small cutting garden of bulbs, annuals and dahlias. I'm waiting impatiently for my spring bulbs to come through and I'm watching ranunculus in the polytunnel like a hawk! I can't wait to see the flowers in full bloom and create something with them.

I have been following Hana's work for a couple of years. She runs a floral design studio near Cork called Hanako (from Japanese, 'Hana' - flower, and 'Ko' - child) and I'm always in awe of her lush and creative arrangements. All the flowers used in the studio and for workshops are grown organically in Ireland, on her farm nestled amongst the hills of West Cork. When I got some free time at the end of September last year, I jumped at the chance to visit Hana's flower farm and learn from her. It was the best experience and I learned so so much! If you want to start a career in floristry, learn new techniques or even just learn how to make a beautiful bouquet or an arrangement for your home, check out Hana's workshops. You will learn a lot! Hana is very patient and shares knowledge without holding back. Even though the growing season was near the end, she still had an abundance of material for us to work with - beautiful Cafe au Lait dahlias, David Austin roses, hydrangeas, chocolate cosmos, grasses, vines and foliage. With Hana's help I created a bouquet, a large urn arrangement and a hanging installation. It was great fun! Can't wait for my cutting garden to bloom, so I can start putting everything I learned to practice :)