Yesterday was the end of a long Easter weekend, which for us started with celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in Le Gavroche on Thursday evening)) We've officially been married for more than 5 years now :) It blows my mind and sometimes it's hard to believe how fast time flies. We look so young in our wedding photos! Le Gavroche was a perfect spot to celebrate the special occasion. We are foodies and watch probably every second program on tv about anything food related, and this weekend we really treated ourselves)) On Saturday we went to see ONCE the musical



In the last few weeks I've been reading three different books on personal growth and about life generally. I love, love, love this type of books. Self-help, inspirational, guiding - whatever you call them. They challenge the way I think and make me see things in different light and from different perspective. I feel like I'm getting closer to myself and my truth. Though very different, all these books shape me and inspire positive and passion driven actions in my life and my little business. So, the three books I'm reading at the moment are The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte (this book blows my mind! It's like a life action driven power house), Steal Like an Artist by Austin Cleon (creativity is not magic, it's for everyone), and Quiet by Susan Cain (the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking). I've just finished Steal Like and Artist and half a way through the other two, but I can already strongly recommend them all for a healthy dose of inspiration. What are you reading at the moment? What has been the most inspirational book you've read? Feel free to share in the comments below ;) Dasha x



"Never stop dating". Each other, of course, not other people! :-) I know when we have our 'end of the year' dinner we will remember this day, and hopefully many other ones like that Sunday)) And because every post is better with a photo, just a couple of images from a last summer's session I never got around to sharing (dreaming of sunshine):


I spend a lot of time online. Probably more than a person would on average. Hello, my name is Dasha and I'm addicted to Internet :) Online presence is a big part of what I do, including my blog. I guess that's why I don't really read magazines (apart from Oh Comely and The Gentlewoman.) I browse through my favourite blogs instead. Most of the time I just can't get what I'm looking for in a mag. So, I thought I'd share the links to the lifestyle blogs I visit regularly for inspiration and to look at all things pretty. I love being curled up on a sofa on a Sunday evening with my Ipad and swoon over beautiful interiors and renovation projects on Design Sponge and graphic design on Emma Dime, be inspired by creative ideas and stories, or just read A Cup Of Jo for fun)) Reading This Little Street , Oh, Hello Friend, and Apartment 34 is like going on a treasure hunt, an exciting journey knowing you will find some hidden gems in fashion, interiors, colours and what not.

Although we don't have a garden, I still read the stylish gardening blog Fennel and Fern, because one day we will have our own green space and I will be equipped with all the knowledge about plants and garden design.

I love, love, love reading Explore on a daily basis. It's like opening a curiosity box. I discover something new every day and it also makes me think. If you want to discover interesting facts about art, literature, science, history etc., this is the place to be.

Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the browse! And because every post is better with a photo:


I usually blog twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. Today is Thursday and it happens to be Valentine's Day... Michael had a day off and we kind of celebrated it yesterday, combined with the Pancake Day :) We never really make a big deal out of Valentine's. We don't get each other cards or perfumes. We just say 'I love you' like we do every day. So, yesterday we took advantage of our day off and went to the cinema to see the latest British comedy 'I Give It a Year'.  In case you haven't seen, it's about a couple who get married, but after a year realise they are not right for each other through all sorts of situations, which are made to look funny of course. We were laughing when we came out, recalling all the fun moments and lines. And after a couple of minutes we were like 'Nah, but that's not us, right?!', 'Nah, definitely not like us. We've been married for 5 years.'. Unwillingly we started to think of similarities with the characters of the film because we got into it so much. It's funny actually, because after a few minutes we started to mention what we love about each other and everything fell back into place :) Our differences make us complete, rather than drive us apart. And that's what I love about us. We can be mad at each other sometimes because of silly things - any married couple would understand, but we always remember why we fell in love in the first place)) So, tonight on a Valentine's night we'll just do what we love doing most - spend time together at home. With some chocolate cake :)


I was looking through my archives and came across this image, which I completely forgot about. It was taken when my bride was getting her hair done. She was holding pins for the stylist and I thought the henna art was absolutely beautiful. Something I haven't seen up close before)) The angle of this shot adds a lovely depth to it. As you probably got it - I love it!

Another thing I'd like to share is the sweet short Disney film Paperman)) I watched it several times in the last few days and it never fails to make me smile. It also reminded me about how I met my husband, and how so many things happened to bring us together. What's meant for you won't pass you by ;) Enjoy!



I first saw this story whilst watching the online photography course on CreativeLive (by the way, if you are a photographer, and want to learn and become better this resource is invaluable!). It's hard to put down in words how it made me feel... Sad? Yes, a little. Inspired? Yes, a lot. I think more than anything it made me want to tell stories. Stories that matter and stories that can make a difference. It's a documentary about love and life. Take a minute and watch it. I believe this film touched the souls of many

'The Light That Shines' a story for all from on Vimeo.