From getting ready in the morning, to seeing each other at the ceremony and through reception and evening party, your wedding photographs will remind you of the commitment you made and the celebration you had with your family and friends. At your wedding I will work quietly to create a collection of elegant storytelling images with a warm colour palette. I will capture the mood of the day and real emotional moments. Life only goes forward, and when these moments are gone, they are gone. As an observer and storyteller, I decide 'well, actually this moment stays' and I capture it in a photograph.  It may not be that significant, but it also may be that one photograph which stays with you through the years, through the good and the bad, reminding you of love and life lived. 
My style is a combination of documentary wedding photography, natural unposed portraiture and editorial approach to details and design. I'm an observer by nature and get complimented a lot on how well my pictures capture the atmosphere of the wedding day and how relaxed and unaware of the camera people look. I try to catch people when they are oblivious to my camera to get the intensity of whatever it is they are doing - telling a joke, giving a speech, saying a thousand words with just a look. I'm interested in capturing the moment with animation and spirit.
You will have an experience that is stress free and results in beautiful emotive photographs with a light and fresh feel. I approach each wedding as if I’m photographing it for my friends and every experience is very personal and unique. I put my heart into what I do as your photographer, and you will see it in your beautiful and meaningful wedding photographs.