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NAME: Dasha Caffrey, I'm a professional wedding photographer based in Ireland. I create long lasting happy memories for people in love

FAVORITE QUOTE: "We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing"

PASSIONATE ABOUT: family, environment, travelling, food

HOBBIES: floristry, gardening, cooking, yoga

I LIVE BY THE MOTTO: "Happiness is not a destination, it's a journey"

FAVOURITE SEASON: spring! Can't beat the first warm sunshine, scent of new blossom and just everything waking up after winter

MY TYPICAL DAY: I get up early in the morning to walk and feed our two handsome collie dogs. I start my day with some yoga and then make a morning cup of tea (green jasmine in case you are wondering! Although mint & cucumber may be the new favourite). It's a ritual and sets me for the day. The commute to my office then is a few meters from the kitchen to the desk. On weekdays I usually work from home and I start with replying to e-mails and enquiries, most of the time with the help of our cat Socks. Then it's time for another tea. Having lived in Ireland and England for a good few years now, I've learnt that there is never enough tea! My working day includes admin, editing of the images from a latest wedding and getting ready for the next one (cleaning cameras and lenses, making sure everything is working properly, checking locations etc) and designing wedding albums. It can be full on, especially during busy summer months, but I also try to make time to get outside and spend some time in the garden where I grow cut flowers. I'm learning about floral design and it's something I would love to do along with photography in the near future! 

WHEN I'M NOT PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS: I could be found enjoying a walk around our beautiful countryside. Being at one with nature makes me feel alive and my heart full. Together with my husband I love exploring new foodie places.  I like everything that is artisan, homemade and homegrown, because it's full of flavour and taste. In cold winter months I could be found snuggled at home in front of the fire with some wine, blanket and a good film (I watch way too many!). 

RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME: I live in a country cottage together with my husband, our two collie pups Tac and Poppy and cat Socks. I speak two languages and I've moved countries 3 times. I see dreams in colour and I pretty much always remember them. I'm a foodie. My favourite cocktails include cucumber, and my favourite cake is made with beetroot. I'm an introverted extrovert (or the other way around, not sure!). I love seeing old couples holding hands. I'm glad I grew up without mobile phones, and that I know what a cassette and floppy disk are. I love the peace and quiet of the countryside and diversity of a city. 

I GOT MARRIED: to the nicest and funniest Irish guy, who I met in the USA 14 years ago. 

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